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email services in a different view   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jun 06,2017 at 00:30
In Response to: [OT] Gmail (Laurent Duchastel)

i looked at the email services in a different view.

my main email is still with yahoo, only because yahoo was the 1st newpaper like website with the 1st search engine 20 something years ago. too many of my friends are still linked with it, i cant switch to others. now yahoo email is the worst, too slow and too many ads, they change email engine too much. you cant open a new yahoo acct without a phone number. and they keep asking you to verify your numbers again and again even after verification. you lose the acct if you dont login 6 months. it doesnt work under xp without a firefox.

lycos - you used to lose the acct in 6 months, fast.they were gone long ago but only their name came back recently.

hotmail - it looked similar to yahoo, i lost it due to long login time.

gmail - when it was provided later, i already had too many email accts, but i opened one long long ago, if you didnt login in 3 months, they would remove your acct in 3 months. maybe different nowadays. because of youtube, now i have few new gmail accts (i dont remember if i actually went to the gmail website) but it wants your phone numbers, or credit card numbers to create an acct, this is too dangerous.
but probably the best for a secure email service since it is the biggest service now.

facebook emails or accts are all locked now or maybe closed down forever (was due to more facebook accts, more online game chars, more ingame coins) because i dont play them anymore.

excite.com's email -
they never changed their email engine for 20 years, still works under win98, super fast, they dont even have in-between-login time-limit. you login today and then you login second time 15 years later, they still hold your acct even without unlocking the acct, they are always ready to be accessed and to be used.

you can still create an excite acct without a secondary email acct once a day. if you have a secondary acct, then you can even create 100 excite email accts a day if you want. for no security check, no in-between-login-time-limit, i found these so good. not too long ago, i created many many excite emails for free MEGAsync's and online game accounts (the logic was more email accts, more game chars, more ingame coins). I find MEGAsync (10m bytes per second for downloading, 1m for uploading) is 10000000 times better and faster than onedrive which i want to uninstall at all cost, if it lets me. 15 years was the time that was verified by me.

i lost all other email accts because i couldnt login once per 3 months or 6 or 12 momths, except for my one main yahoo email and excite's emails.

excite.com may be closed down because of poor sales, yahoo.com may be closed down because of poor services, if there are reasons to close down, those were the reasons i could think of.

no security check, no in-between-login-time-limit makes me relaxed

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