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[OT] official harassments   [OT]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Jun 06,2017 at 03:39
In Response to: [OT] google firefox IE's official harassments, i am fed up (Ryan)

> now it is bugging to login ztree without a harassment, this firefox's
> or whatever OFFICIAL popups ROB my cursors and hide a slot. now ztree
> needs to make the login side ways.
> i cant use the hotbot which used to be the best along with lycos,
> firefox and IE harassments here are mind boggling, every search and every
> click will be hijacked by these damn OFFICIAL popups

You're complaining about two completely different things:
1. The first two warnings (by IE and Firefox) are legitimate: they mean that you're submitting a user name and password on an UNENCRYPTED connection. Which means anybody on your network, or on the website's network, or anywhere in between, could read your username and password.
In order to fix this, you should visit the website using the httpS address: in this case, https://ztw3.com/forum. That way, neither Firefox nor IE will complain anymore.

(Ideally, any website with a login form should require SSL, and automatically redirect http links to https ones.
For a long time, SSL wasn't free; SSL requires an externally validated certificate, which cost money. But nowadays, https://letsencrypt.org/ allows anyone to get free certificates. It does take some time and effort to (re)configure an existing website to use it, though; so not every website supports it yet.)

2. Google trying to push Chrome is a PITA, indeed. I miss its days of "don't be evil".


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