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[OT] official harassments   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jun 06,2017 at 07:42
In Response to: [OT] official harassments (Martijn Coppoolse)

> You're complaining about two completely different things:
> 1. The first two warnings (by IE and Firefox) are legitimate: they mean
> that you're submitting a user name and password on an UNENCRYPTED connection.

now i understood some of the things.
but these harassments recently started to happen

>UNENCRYPTED connection
wirely connected to the modem with my main pc, but i dont understand why you need the encrytion for a cable connection. because i dont know a password thing with a cable connection.

other pc's are totally UNENCRYPTED with a wifi modem , WPA's are all disabled, no one lives near me, i refuse to put any encrytions for an easy life.

so those bugging messages are actually friendly messages that they care, i thought hotbot was trying to steal something from me, but insead, now it is the yahoo and google that are trying to steal something from me, because they dont want to warn me? this is ironical.

i might be ok, i dont do internet banking at all, i never open my main or good email accts and the online game accts and Megasync accts in the airports, book stores or any free online providing shops or anywhere outside of my home.

i dont know anything about security, if they try to get me, they will do any ways, so i might as well not use sensitive things.

bugging was like a google toolbar, google put that in every free software and every upgrade with a premarked installation sometimes well hidden maybe over 10 years.

i think i had more fun with hotbot and lycos long long ago before google's rise.
and i think yahoo closed down their chat rooms (they used to be the best) because too many bots were bugging people, so people stopped going in there anymore.

they can keep adding and put more securities, i suppose. i cant do anything about it, and i dont want to keep clicking away popup messages, i guess i will see how things will go. in the mean time, i stay away from these harassments if i have an other choice.

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