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email services in a different view   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jun 06,2017 at 09:16
In Response to: email services in a different view (Ryan)

> gmail -
wants your phone numbers, or credit
> card numbers to create an acct, this is too dangerous.

Partially exact. I never entered a credit card number on Gmail.

Note also that it is still possible to create Gmail account without giving any phone number, but this requires to create a new Google account from a virtual phone device, such as online emulator or virtual machine. I did it not long time ago. It might still works.

While on the subject of anonymous email, note that disposable email addresses can be granted for 48 hours with such service as:
Through a VPN, this is quite secure. I use this service often.

This said, back to Gmail, I do not find offensive to give a phone number to open a new Gmail account. It might be seen as an "invasion of privacy", but on the other hand, it allows two-steps verification to minimize casual hacking of the account.

As for me, my email account is domain-named, at that domain is my full name @laurentduchastel.com. As my name seems to be unique on this planet, phone or not, people knows it's me when I send an email... :-)

Laurent Duchastel

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