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[OT] official harassments   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jun 07,2017 at 10:11
In Response to: [OT] official harassments (Martijn Coppoolse)

> > other pc's are totally UNENCRYPTED with a wifi modem , WPA's are
> all
> > disabled, no one lives near me, i refuse to put any encrytions for an
> > easy life.
> That's up to you.
> > so those bugging messages are actually friendly messages that they
> > care, i thought hotbot was trying to steal something from me, but
> insead,
> > now it is the yahoo and google that are trying to steal something
> from
> > me, because they dont want to warn me? this is ironical.
> Yahoo and Google aren't trying to steal anything... Where did you get
> that idea?

Ryan, it seems to me you have two opposite desires going on. On one side, you want total openness on the Internet for sake of freedom and easiness. But on the other, you still aspire to total privacy from big capitalistic corporations while using their services for free.

Laurent Duchastel

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