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email services in a different view   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jun 07,2017 at 10:17
In Response to: email services in a different view (Ryan)

> you can get only 4 gmails or google accts with 1 house phone number
> which includes the bothched phone number, in other word, if you cancel
> the acct because you didnt like the name or something during setup, you
> lose one email chance forever with the house phone number. if you try
> again, it says "you have too many accts with that phone number, good
> bye"
> i doubt about low skill hackers, i think getting more than 4 google
> accts would take 2 seconds for hackers
> credit card's auto payment, oh yes! and probably impossible to find
> the numbers for canceling the orders. and all you will see next is one
> click purchase icons everywhere.
> now yahoo, facebook, google, hotmail need phone numbers to open it. i
> just need google accts for youtube's. in a way, google is like skynet in
> the terminator. everything asks for a google verification.

It seems you need lots of email accounts while having at a same time a very low trust on most email providers.

One easy solution would be to run your own email server.

Laurent Duchastel

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