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[OT] official harassments   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jun 07,2017 at 13:47
In Response to: [OT] official harassments (Andreas Boehlk)

> Absolutely right. Nothing is for free. They do not steel the data from
> You, because You deliver it to them. They live from selling Your data to
> corporations that buy more data from other sources, correlate them and
> try to personalize them. Then the enriched date is sold for advertising
> purposes or ...? Microsoft does the same and everybody who installs W10
> gives his acceptance by signing the licence agreement.
> So everybody should decide for himself how to deal with that reality. I
> decided for me to reduce the data leakage to a minimum, but I admit that
> it is not an easy job and costs lot of time.

I don't care much if Google knows my cell phone number as it is anyway much publicized on the Net as my professional contact number.

I'm a bit annoyed when I see targeted ads based on my browsing history or current location, but I clear regularly my Google/Facebook/Amazon browsing histories to minimize that annoyance. But anyway, I don't buy more or differently because I see these ads! The ultimate control is NOT TO BUY what has been advertised to us, plain as it is. I don't think I am such a weak mind to systematically buy anything that is offered to me

As far as geolocalisation of my whereabouts are concerned, I accepted the trade-off that comes with less privacy over proof of my professional trips (required for tax purposes).

Final, as far as government or corporate surveillance of my emails and personal views are concerned, I have very little to be worried about as nothing is of national threats or illegal business. Again, the legitimate trade-off of having emails sent to my mother being potentially read by Big Brother is the idea of preventive action to global terrorism threats.

For rare occasion I need real privacy, I use anonymous or temporary email accounts, opened on a virtual Windows machine connected through a VPN.

Laurent Duchastel

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