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my security logic, my bank logic, my VPN logic.. part 1   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jun 08,2017 at 00:15
In Response to: [OT] official harassments (Ryan)

possible scenario
1. a client's pc might be infected with a data miner virus
2. a bank's pc might be infected with a data miner virus.
3. a client might give his login and password to someone.
4. a bank might give your login and password to someone.
5. you often hear news, a bank was hacked, all his clients information were stolen.

problem: a client lost 0.25 millon dollars from his bank account (money disappered), it was on trial.

the bank defensively said "the only way that money could be withdarwn is done by YOU, you gave the login and password to someone", the possibilities of 2. 4. 5 were not even mentioned.

AA= my assumption based on "people are equally bad or equally good"
if the client can not prove how the money was disppeared, it is all client's fault. the money number is managed by the bank. you can not access their properties, while the bank owner can do anything with the money number. this is a totally biased view, therefore this is illogical. therefore any electrical trades that dont leave any permanent evidences are false, therefore all electrical trades must not be used.

in an imperfect society, you must do these.
1. do not connect your main bank acct electronically
2. do not create a login and a pw for your main
3. do not get any bank cards, just make it 100% digital access proof for your main,
in this case, the bank can not use the AA='s illogic from the biased view against you.

4. create "i dont care kind of bank acct", electronically link it with the bank. do whatever you like. if your money is stolen, think it as "it is all my fault" and move on, use other banks with same style (main must be protected, use i dont care bank acct having maybe $2000 or less) main acct and i dont care bank acct doesnt have to be from the same bank. use social medias, youtube and etc and tell people which bank lost your money with 50% voice degree (50% because it also could be actually you who did it, we dont know) if there are many cases like this towards the bank. then use statistics, and form people to close down the bank.


1. my pc to the modem : i am 900% sure no one will steal anything from me around my home. if a govern wants to tab on me around my home, the security will be independant of my action, therefore i dont care about it

2. my modem to phone company (internet providers), i have no idea how i can secure my line, i send something? encrypted something? dont the phone comapanies have all the WPA's decorders? if not, how can they send to cisco? so my assumption is all phone comanies have decorders, so i shouldnt worry about it either.

3.from phone companies to cisco or google.com or yahoo.com or search engines. my assumptions are the same as 1. and 2., they all have the really fast WPA decorders, or they can not post my typing. so i dont care about this either.

4. my VPN logic is this, 30% effective, 70% fatally ineffective.
* it may be effective towards mediocre players.
* if VPN company wants to collect your info and sell to others? you cant do nothing about it
* a government is "VPN and your action" independant, so VPN is usless.
* but it makes me think you VPN users want to hide something from me, i'd better stick around and dig it around here more to catch a big fish.

* therefore it is better to blend in general public with a camouflage form.

* but this is a real problem, when a big company forms an ally with politicians. then the company becomes a governemnt, you could see that from the united airline who beat up the passinger,the risk function UA used was not the risk function, they fooled the stupid politicians to pass the laws. UA clearly said about "always 4 more seats over booking". that number 4 was fixed, not as a variable. 1st time when i heard it, i knew that it wasnt the statistics risk funtion. when you include your own employees in the risk funtion, the risk ft. will depend on how much salary of emplyees, where they live, the tools that they use, how old airplanes are... etc x 100.

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