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privacy, acceptible ads.. part 2   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jun 08,2017 at 02:30
In Response to: [OT] official harassments (Ryan)

>Yahoo and Google aren't trying to steal anything... Where did you get that idea?
it was a kind of joke. because when he said they were nagging me with constant popup messges were due to my insecure internet connection. i interpreted it as a joke, they harassed me because they care, conversly speaking those who didnt harass me, didnt care. see my drift?

** acceptible harassments **

let me use the free online game as an example,
if ads popup in the middle of gaming, i would never play the game, because they are so many free online games out there. then how does an online game company make money? at 1st, they just have their main website for you to buy something passively. game.exe is independant of the website, it runs without the website.

then it is not good enough to make money, so they create a 2ndary software that you must use it for a login, the 2ndary software is actually their own shoping mall, but once you are in the game, their web shopping mall is independant of the game, you can simply close it, after that you can play the game forever, you wont get bothered.

then it is not good enough for the company, then the game maker starts to link the game reward with the website. that website was dread facebook. the one of the game rewards was +10 attack, +10 defense charm or a ward. now they made it this way... the more facebook accts, the more chars you have, the more rewards you get, you can let all rewards transfer to your main charater basically. no one will play 50 game chars at once. they passively force you to go to websites for more rewards, it is bugging but it still depends on my will. if i dont need these rewards, i just play or if i just want to meet people, then who cares!

since it is free, they will never close my acct for years even without a login, it is relaxing.

i accpet these passive ads with my open arms. however i am telling you, these passive ads are so addictive, you keep copying and pasting your id's and passwords until your arms medically cause troubles.

aggresively active ads, you need to see these ads before it takes you to lets say "game.exe" and in the middle of your tasks, they pop up and stop for you to click away. every input is sabotaged with popup messages or ads. then they say (maybe with a grin)it is the security that you cant tell the differnce at your home level. every installation and every update is filled with the premarked and put things in you like virus.

every passive ads i had, i ended up remembering them.
every active ads i had, i was too busy covering them with "always on top" software, i dont remember any of them.

celluar phone's ads, deleting them is so cumbersome, one at time, manual, i dont bother with the phone.

>temporary email accounts, virtual Windows machine
i have no knowledge on these. but i may study this someday.

>real privacy, anonymous
my idea to achieve this effect would be

1. buy a laptop with pure cash
2. laptop's CPU might have an unique serial number, and it may always send it out in internet without telling you.
3. never use this laptop at home
4. use this laptop in a pubic area with a free internet connection.
5. do not use any logins that can tell the known orgin.

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