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By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Jun 11,2017 at 03:52
In Response to: [OT] Gmail (Laurent Duchastel)

> Also if you want domain-based email address for free, Zoho offers one
> and is a very decent email server too.)

Yes, highly recommended and without the privacy invasion or embedded ads as well. Been using it for years without a burp. They also have a full suite of online office apps (like Google), which I may get around to using someday.

Also, if you need unlimited, anonymous (disposable), addresses I highly recommend spamgourmet.com. (33mail.com is also good). Both are free and basically work the some way. You create an account which requires only a good email address. This address may be changed at any time and is the address to which mail will be forwarded (which is why it is required!). This creates a base address template. You create a complete address by prepending an arbitrary string to the base address. Any mail containing the base template will be forwarded to your account address until the message count is reached (max 20 msgs, reset-able) or if you mark a sender as trusted. Note that this means you can make up an address on the spot and only need to interact with the mail forwarder to change default settings or other options. Mail to blocked addresses are simply deleted - you never see them. 33mail is similar except they do not support message count limits. Both implement mechanisms to send mail purportedly from the disposable address. They do not embed ads or send unsolicited mail.

I include an encoded unique ID and date code when I make up an address for any non-trusted site requiring email. That address is then controllable independent of all other addresses and is traceable back to the offending site if it gets abused.

Namaste', Art

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