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[Wish] F9 quick navigation, possible to feed web address onto a batch?   [Wish]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jun 21,2017 at 02:56

question 1: this is kind of wish


in F9, is there a way to get to the script line precisely? i use this symbol @ as a blocker, but i try to keep 2~3 having a same initial letter.

i only knew about drag and drop files on a batch long long ago, but it never occured to me actually using it until a couple of weeks ago. when i needed to join files, drag and drop FILES onto a batch was the easiest.

question 2:
is it possible to a feed web-address string onto a batch file? well it only accepts the files from the explorer so far. you can give me any idea(like even zbar too), as to how it can be possible. when i looked some in websites, they were beyond my comprehension


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