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a different question about i_view for /resize option   [Discuss]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jun 23,2017 at 04:04
In Response to: [Discuss] Best command line utility to compress jpeg (andreas)

> i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /jpgq=75 /convert=c:\new.jpg
> => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and save it as c:\new.jpg, quality = 75
> Quality range: 1 - 100.

i didnt know i_view32.exe has console commands

can i ask a slightly different question?

SET F1=/resize=(1024,120)
SET F2=/aspectratio

i_view32.exe m:\test.jpg %F1% %F2% /convert=m:\ZZZZ.jpg


is there a way to pivoting on the max number in /resize? It seems that I_view only uses the min value as a pivot to find the /aspectratio

* 1023 is a max pivot, 120 in a min pivot in my example

* /resize=(w,h) /aspectratio only 1 value can be used, either w or h. i_view only takes whichever one is smaller

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