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[ZEP] Multi-Word, 'Universal' File Name Filter   [ZEP]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Jun 27,2017 at 21:34

Consider that when searching for documents using Google, multiple "search strings" can be entered in any order (any sequence), and the "results" will be practically identical. This behavior I will call "universal".

However, with ZTree's file-name filters, changing the sequence of two or more Filter strings will greatly alter the results... For example, with only two Filter strings, "swapping" the two strings will produce _entirely_different_results_.

Therefore, this is a suggestion for a ZTree Multi-Word, file-name Filter, that does not have this disadvantage -- and will provide "Google-like", universal (sequence-ignoring) results:

--- a proposed 'Universal' Multi-Word Filter for ZTree:

In ZTree's existing Filter input dialog, typing 'F8' will open a new, small-sized, 'Multi-Word' input dialog.

The user will enter a filter string into two, three, or four, of the four available input slots -- and then press the Enter key.

The "results" screen will then display a list of the file names that comply with each of the two, three, or four filters (...regardless of their order). (ZTree will execute this operation in stages, rather than doing everything essentially in one stage, like it currently does.)

The previously-used 'Multi-Word' dialog can subsequently be re-displayed -- from History -- for editing, adding or deleting filter strings.


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