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i too think filter needs AND logic   [ZEP]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jun 28,2017 at 03:33
In Response to: i think filter needs AND logic (Ryan)

> if ztree's filter is only based on OR logic,

I fear this is the case. See below...

> i think it needs AND logic too
> "arc*.*" AND "*part*.*"
> "*part*.*" AND "arc*.*"

This alone would be a great enhancement. I'd support it.

Here are the statements from Ztw.Hlp chapter 1.4.3 Combining Filters
regarding OR / AND combining filter specs (interesting parts only).

The logic used for positive name specs is "OR", which means that the file is
displayed if it meets any of the listed specs. For negative name specs, the
logic is "AND NOT", which means that, of the otherwise displayed files, these
will be not be displayed.   If all the name specs are negative, then the *.*
name spec is assumed to be present, even though not specified.

The logic used for positive date and size specs is "OR", except when a ">"
lower value is immediately followed by a "<" higher value. In this case the
logic is "AND", so that the range will be included. For negative (not equal)
date and size specs, the logic is "AND NOT" ...

Filters can be also combined between types. In other words, name specs,
date specs and size specs can all be used together.

The logic used when combining the different types of specs is always "AND",
which means that files must meet each of the types of specs to be displayed.

So if we could set an AND parameter instead of the comma, it would really reduce the results
to those files who meet the specs left and right to the AND.

All other rules could remain 'as is' - please correct me if I'm wrong in this.


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