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[OT] where can i find OEM2ANSI.exe command line converter   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jul 17,2017 at 06:06

AA=seeräuber.txt (ANSI) ...and seer{sigma}uber.txt (OEM)
BB=seer„uber.txt (ANSI) ...and seeräuber.txt (OEM)

but when i do this


either %1 or ECHO or > command turn AA= into BB=. but zlist can not process BB=

so i need a couple of possible ways

1. OEM2ANSI.exe DD.ZLS /Y (/Y means overwrite it simply)

2. REM #ZTECHO that writes them actually what they are ansi 2 ansi... OEM 2 OEM so to speak. but this is just an idea, what actually writes is >, so i can not think of the possiblity of making REM #ZT> that doesnt seem right.

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