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you have been always the biggest help   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jul 26,2017 at 05:13
In Response to: now i begin to think cmd /a is a bug and a lie (Hartmut Schneider)

please dont say sorry, you have been always the biggest help. i am really grateful for it. and i knew about something about cmd /a long long ago, and i forgot about it until you mentioned it again. if something failed with my best try, i tried not to look it again for about 4 ~ 5 years, cmd /a and autokey were one of them

i always thought i couldnt make cmd /a work due to my lacking with OS, i blamed myself, but when i had cmd /u working, it became clear to me, something was wrong with cmd /a all along. then i felt sour for all those years that i fiddled with cmd /a.

i think win98 might have cmd /a or some kind similar i will go back and check later. because i forgot now and cmd doesnt seem good for win98 for some reason. win98 was where my windows habits formed.

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