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rename a directory 'under the cursor' ?   [OT]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jul 27,2017 at 02:33
In Response to: [OT] is it poossible to rename a directory where the cursor is with the ztreemenu? (Ryan)

> AA= should work but it causes an error saying... it is being used by
> other process.
> what other process? the only process here is the ztree cursor staying
> on it to change the directory name. what dont i understand here?

Please keep in mind that when you start a program, this program gets its Current Directory from where you launch it.
Example: Provided you have made a temp directory D:\Ryan\temp1
and launch ZTW.exe from there (i.e. from a Cmd box with Current dir = D:\Ryan\temp1),
then you can Neiter rename Nor delete temp1.

The START command offers a parameter '/D path' to set the program's Current Dir to that path.
When I launch an external graphic viewer from ZTree (ZPreview e.g.), I use
start /dD:\ %#ZtTools%\ZPreview.64.exe %#ZTHome%
so that the Current Dir of this Viewer is D:\ - independent from the directory ZTree stands on at launch time, even if it's a temporary directory.


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