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[Wish] Ctrl-Search AND/OR/NOT logic   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jul 27,2017 at 18:05
In Response to: [Wish] Ctrl-Search AND/OR/NOT logic (Dan LeGate)

> Is there any chance we'll be getting Ctrl-Search (within files, not
> FileSpec/Filters) AND/OR/NOT logic incorporated?

Can you give us some examples of what you need to search for? And maybe a link to a previous discussion?

I regularly use AND logic in the form of a second search for the second term, or string1*string2, but have rarely needed anything more complex.

For our more complex search needs, we ended up buying File Locator Pro (https://www.mythicsoft.com/filelocatorpro, $50). I got it mainly because it can search the newer Word and Excel formats, which Ztree is no longer useful for, but it can do various kinds of search types including regex for both the names of the folders and files to search, as well as the contents, and can match per line or per whole file. The search results are easy to browse through to check out the hits, and you can set up more searches while other searches are still running.

It might be worth installing the trial version, as you may find that a specialised tool contains other useful features that you could never hope to be included in Ztree.

I have to admit I've never done an OR or NOT search with it. Here are the instructions for what it calls a boolean expression:
Boolean Expression Engine
Boolean expressions use the web style search operators AND, OR, NOT, LIKE and NEAR. Boolean searches can be either by line or by file:
work AND document searches for the words 'work' and 'document' in the same line/file
work document performs the same search as above (the AND is implicit)
work OR document searches for the words 'work' OR 'document' in the same line/file
work NEAR document searches for 'work' close to the word 'document' in a line/file
"work document" searches for the exact phrase 'work document'
By Line
expression is separately tested against each individual line
By File
expression is tested across the whole file
Note: Use parentheses to group expressions, e.g. (work AND doc) OR (special AND case)

There are also boolean regex, file hash, plain text, regex and whole word searches. I generally use the boolean search, with the whole file option.

We have one admin here who is really keen on the built in Windows searching, which requires massive amounts of server space to be dedicated to indexes, and is in my opinion, erratic and unreliable.

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