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Using Search Everything   [ZEP]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Jul 29,2017 at 03:00
In Response to: Using Search Everything (Andrew Watson)

> If you use Search Everything
> it "instantly" searches every NTFS drive on your PC (and on networked
> PCs if you install the necessary support program on remote PC) and finds
> every file and directory that matches the entered filter.

As you said, it searches ONLY NTFS volumes. In fact, its design is totally dependent on the NTFS MFT which mean it is inherently limited. The beauty of ZTree is that it recognizes ALL Windows supported volumes regardless of file system, includng all FAT versions, NTFS, ISO 9660 and UDF. Any additional file system supported by Windows would also be immediately supported by ZTree. Unlike Everything, ZTree is not limited to disk file systems but is very much at home with searching/filtering the internals of achives such as ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc.

In addition, ZTree is a powerful File Management Sytem, not just a simple file search utility. As such we need to stay within the realm of ZTree for searches and filtering. The purpose of file searches or filters within ZTree is usually to specify/tag files or folders which will then be subject to the other massive powers of ZTree such as copy, move, archive, rename, extract, etc. Exiting to a third party utility defeats this entire concept.

Namaste', Art

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