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[OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading?   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 01,2017 at 23:21

what are the general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's?

AA=MEGASync i use
it comes with a website that you can directly up or download from it, downloading speed is 10 mega bytes per second, only limited by the modem or my IP provider. but its uploading is fixed by 1 mega bytes per second that i cant do anything about. if it is just 1MB uploading rate, i am maybe ok with it, but.....

i decided to synchronize AA= with my 90k files (25 Giga bytes, takes anout 12 min from HDD to HDD). 1st 5000 files was uploading with 1 mega bytes per second, then the next 40000 files was uploading with 0.15 mb/s.. then it is now uploading with 50 kilo bytes per second. it is like saying to me... "dont use our hardwares" or "dont put your garbages in my cloud hard drives".. "yes yes i know we want you to use our cloud's but dont you know it was just maybe a smoke screen?"

I have no problem uploading giga byte sized files with 1 mega byte uploading speed with AA=, but why is uploading so slow for many files? many file managing tech is not there yet?

I have tried MS's onedrive that came with the pc, i couldnt figure it out, files seem to go into a labyrinth, no transfer rate, no website to see where my files went, it became like recycle bin, an accidental file-drop blackhole. i uninstalled it or removed anything related to onedrive, but it is still there to keep asking me to sign up.

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