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few old faded memories   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 01,2017 at 23:57
In Response to: thanks (Hartmut Schneider)

my memory faded what i used to know about copyiing files and making backups

FAT32 XP = means here it has foreign char file names.

1. win98 and win98SE's DOS can copy FAT32 XP files.

2. i think win98 can copy FAT32 XP, i know i used to copy all drives with it, but i am not sure anynmore (maybe there were no foreign chars when i tried)

3. win98SE without updates could copy FAT32 XP, but I am not really sure of it, but i feel that it could.

4. win98SE with some updates can not copy FAT32 XP, it is a fact, because i am still using it.

this was where i got some of cmd /a struggles with XP, not really a struggle because i gave up fast but i was meddling with every several years. and a different form of ANSI OEM things with win98SE

if i were an OS designer, i would just make it copy-able, the file content is important and not the file names.

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