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[OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading?   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Aug 02,2017 at 17:45
In Response to: [OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading? (Ryan)

Are you sure the problem is with MEGASync? Could it be your ISP limiting your upload speed, eg after so many MB per day or per month?

If MEGASync is a free service, perhaps this is a limitation they've had to put on it to keep it free.

What sort of files are they? If they're photos or videos, it might be worth investigating Google Photos. Free and unlimited if you agree to allow them to reduce the resolution if it exceeds a certain amount.

Question for everybody: do any of these cloud backup services allow you to send them the initial upload via hard drive, etc?

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