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[OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading?   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 02,2017 at 23:04
In Response to: [OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading? (Peter Shute)

KB=kilo bytes
MB=mega bytes
GB=giga bytes
TB=tera bytes

> Are you sure the problem is with MEGASync?
i have never had a trouble with MEGAsync uploading and downloading ISO, MP4 AVI,...giga sized files

>Could it be your ISP limiting your upload speed
no, in general purpose, i can download a file 10mb/s, i can see "it can sponge the file" kind of feeeling. but when i download 3 files from 3 sources with 16mb/s rate in total, but i dont have that kind of feeling "it can sponge those 3 files", maybe because the total rate is just a rate indicator fluctuation. uploading goes to steady 6~8mb/s. i dont hear IP provider's complainings. why would they? they said you can have 100mb any time you want (probably mb here is mega bits, i think i even heard 1gb something something from them) i wasnt sure what they were talking.

> If MEGASync is a free service, perhaps this is a limitation they've had to put on it to keep it free.
this is the part that i really dont understand. when uploaded 1TB of ISO, mp4, avi's, i had constant 1mb/s upload, 8~10mb/s download rate all year long. i didnt use the sync, i just went to the MegaSync website and i directly uploaded there, it was easier. and because those giga sized files dont need any changes. i dont need to synchronize.

i decided to sync 90,000 image files (25GB of jpg, png, bmp's) because i was bothered making frequent backups... like even when 2 files were changed somwhere, and i dont remember them well later(i still may have a little trouble using ztree's compare), it is easier to delete the whole backup and use ztree-duplicate on them, and it is all carefree in 10 min. actually thinking what pc i need to turn on, and thinking what to do takes longer than just using ztree's duplicate ft after a whole erase.

> allow them to reduce the resolution if it exceeds a certain amount.
i dont understand this resolution concept(but i will try with txt files later), why would they care what resolutions? they are not going to show my imgaes to anyone, are they?

yes, uploading 1000 200k sized files takes about the same as uploading 1000 2byte files, this is why i can not use the website for the direct upload of small files, i had to use sync.

1. 1st 5000 files 1mb/s upload rate
2. 40000 files 0.1mb/s upload (i repeated 1. and the beginning to 2. several times to figure out why, then i couldnt find the reason why... so things went on)
3. 35000 files 0.01 mb/s upload (i couldnt upload.. hardly, i had to close the sync and run it again and again 30 times whole day to get an initial kick upload rate around 500kb/s for about 1 minute)

something happened ...
then last 10000 files, megasync went reset on me, it changed my sync setting to factory default in my hard drive, after that it gave me constant 1mb/s rate and done in 30 minutes. it was like me to think they thought... "this person is going to upload them no matter what, we might as well reset the connection" this was my pure guess from my side.

this is my 1st sync use, i will see what will happen

(final thought)
and megasync was so good compared to other cloud's. other free clouds i tried before megsync on a same day were too slow to use, 50kb/s~150kb/s rate, i dont quite remember now anymore. so i chose Megasync that day

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