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[OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading?   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Aug 02,2017 at 23:51
In Response to: [OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading? (Ryan)

> > If MEGASync is a free service, perhaps this is a limitation they've
> had to put on it to keep it free.
> this is the part that i really dont understand. when uploaded 1TB of
> ISO, mp4, avi's, i had constant 1mb/s upload, 8~10mb/s download rate all
> year long. i didnt use the sync, i just went to the MegaSync website and
> i directly uploaded there, it was easier. and because those giga sized
> files dont need any changes. i dont need to synchronize.
I wonder if you'd be better off asking their tech support. It may be a well known limitation.

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