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Google Photos   [OT]

By: andreas     Z├╝rich, Switzerland  
Date: Aug 03,2017 at 05:16
In Response to: Google Photos (Peter Shute)

> I get the feeling that even if your photos are under the limit, they
> might recompress them

did a quick test when "Google Photos" replaced "Picasa Web" 2(?) years ago:
uploaded a couple of pics, downloaded them again + did a binary compare (with ZTree of course :-) with the originals: they were identical!

my pics have 2MBs in average, so 16GBs would be good for about 8'000 of them.
but for a couple of bucks you could buy additional space.

personally I preferred buying an external 3.5"-USB3-2TB-HD for under 100 US$.
nicely holds all my pics, music, movies, backup images.
on an additional USB3-16GB-sticks I have another backup set of the pics.
and yet another one on my 7" Android tablet, so I can show them around.
I'm hopefully safe this way ...

my credo: no personal data on devices I don't own + I can't touch!

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