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Crashplan for real backup   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Aug 03,2017 at 09:41
In Response to: Google Photos (Peter Shute)

> I get the feeling that even if your photos are under the limit, they
> might recompress them, which might cause problems in some cases. I figure
> it's good for the price. 16 megapixels is pretty good if I lose the
> originals in a house fire.

Crashplan is a much better alternative to restore files in a pristine state in case of emergency.

Some advantages of Crashplan over any other cloud solution:

-Unlimited storage (I have personally more than 5Tb backed up)
-Backup ***everything***. Opened files and special files such as *.pst are backed up too.
-Update is differential (only backup the differential *portion* between two version of the same file: if I update MP3 tags, only the header of the file is uploaded, not the whole song).
-Adjustable upload frequency
-Multiple backup destination (I use cloud + local NAS)
-Multiple backup sets with each their frequency and destination (some of my files are backuped every 15 minutes, some only once a day).
-Restore previous files up to a year

There is a family plan at 150$/year. It might looks expensive, but it covers 10 computers with unlimited space. Actually, Crashplan doesn't really count, I have 12 active computers on my account. I use that account for me, my kids, my family, and few friends. It ends up being not even 15$ a year per person. BTW, backup are encrypted, different password for each computer, so I can't read my sister diary. :-)


It is free if you don't use the cloud. For instance, one can backup to somebody else computer (a friend, a family member), even remote.

It's really a life saver. Lost, stolen, broken, burned, ransomwared, whatever the reason, ALLL your files are retrievable at any time.

My cousin loves me because I saved her ass twice (stolen laptop + broken hdd). I restored 350Gb worth of files in less than few hours. Magic.

Laurent Duchastel

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