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Crashplan for real backup   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Aug 03,2017 at 18:42
In Response to: Crashplan for real backup (Laurent Duchastel)

> It is free if you don't use the cloud. For instance, one can backup to
> somebody else computer (a friend, a family member), even remote.

What's to stop you using the free local backup on several computers to back them up to another one, then having a single paid plan on that one to backup up it and the backups to the cloud?

> It's really a life saver. Lost, stolen, broken, burned, ransomwared,
> whatever the reason, ALLL your files are retrievable at any time.

How does the ransomware protection work? If ransomware encrypts some files, and they get backed up, do you have access to the pre-encryption versions?

What's the recovery sequence? Reinstall Windows, install Crashplan, recover? How well does it cope with recovering to different hardware, eg smaller drive, different version of Windows, etc?

How does it deal with deleted files? Do they remain available for restore after the next backup? If so, do you have to do anything special to avoid including them in a full restore?

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