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[OT] upgrading to XP, update win10 creator is not win10 in my eyes   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 04,2017 at 07:50

i am upgrading everything to XP, not just style almost as if everything were just like it

my main last 10 year XP was XP sp3 + one single hot fix by mistake (1 $HF_MIG$/KB71284781)

now i decided to update xp 2 days ago, and MS's XP update site was so well made and everything was so purely automatic, compared to window 8, 10.

my XP and MS's website downloaded 4 Giga bytes of patches to me and it took nearly one day to update all by itself.

i got nearly endless $HF_MIG$/KB71284781 directory lists of these and 2000 more files hot fixes, after the final update, and i found XP's quick launch was not functioning well. using the quick launch was slow or seemed slower and it even refreshes itself to a defualt size. it even freezes a pc if you reorder them for your likings sometimes. it behaves like win10 in a away. then windows update sites downloaded Nvidia's drivers and
installed forceware ver 310... which is known to crash under old video cards, and made me reinstall forceware 97 that came with the hardware, but the damage was done, XP was not working well. i deleted the drive and copied back my old xp + sp3 back, it working well now.

now i have a problem, with xp and MegaSync
if i edit something in my hard drive, MegaSync(host or remote) deletes my file in my HDD and it puts back its file in MegaSync back on my HDD. such a tantrum!! Mega is doing this so well at that to my xp.

I have a couple of questions

1. FAT32 XP limit, FAT32 cant support a last access or last write signature or something? NTFS will do maybe? sorry i havent tried this on xp's NTFS and megasync, i forgot.
2. there was a hot fix for this maybe, but i dont know it.

3. i signed up for sysinternal but it doesnt send back activation ticket, it only keeps eating my new email addresses.

4, win8 and win10 has no problem with mega sync, remote doesnt not overwrite you.

xp update added 10000 more files nearly 10000 more direcotories tryiing to turn xp into win10 style. and updated XP was slow.. it had to go.

i updated my win10 for 2 days, until it went to new win10's creator, win10 creator was not win10 system anymore, this was a.. a... a ... bomination. after this update i am totally sure, you WILL need 20 Giga bytes more of updates(18 Giga will be MS's ads) to fix its own problems.

my win10 creator was attcking my quick launch since quick-L wasnt the one that came with the OS, "pin it down" did, my win10 creator crashed so much i lost counts. if you enjoy the super dark brown active title bar, and supernova type glowing white inactive title bar, that win10 is for you, and this win10 creator removed the possibilty to change them and they reordered the whole menu (system property changes kind of things) into more jigsaw puzzles than 1st win10.

and MS's new gifts

windows creator

i was really sad, and i didnt know what to do and i was going to format and reset HDD
from CMOS. so i started to delete any visible updates and fixes and 1 sec before i was gonna click the reset icon, i found the troubleshoot and i found little tiny words" more options at the bottom" i clicked it i found "return to old win10" i was saved, it actually went well and deleted all windows.old and windows creator directories.

before i close this thread,
i found win10 creator's available fonts for ztree. this will solve all international charactors problems, now ztree can sell to other foreign countries that use these fonts (i noticed the yen money fonts and won money fonts), and i totally believe that these fonts should have been available since win98.

my half finished updated win10 (that is where i got my restore pts was, but it still feels like old win10 at least) cant move files or copy in explorer, now i need a new way to update a ztree... but efficiently.....

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