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each pc logins with the same ID, all pc's will have the same data   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 04,2017 at 10:21
In Response to: [OT] general characteristics of "cloud" web HDD's? why so slow uploading? (Laurent Duchastel)

> Question for everybody: do any of these cloud backup services allow you to send them the initial upload via hard drive, etc?

do you mean you can send your HDD hardware to the company? i think any cloud can read your HDD's that you select from their websites or their sync software.

>Note however that Crashplan is a real dedicated backup service, as opposed to OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega etc.. which are rather files repository, mostly for sharing.

with MegaSync, suppose you have 3 computers with 6mb megasync software installed in each pc, each pc logins with the same ID say "aaa@email.com".

then all 3 pc's will have the same files and directories when done. if 1 pc changes something, the other 2 pc's change to be as 1 pc. if 3 pc's change files all at the same time, megasync figure them out by making "rubbish" named directoies, but the final result will be the same for all 3 pc's.

megasync only doesnt work for FAT32 XP, host or remote deletes your file editing you just made and then mega puts it back from what was in the mega.... this is totally bad!

with FAT32 XP, you can only do rename or move or copy and not edit.

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