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each pc logins with the same ID, all pc's will have the same data   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Aug 04,2017 at 13:52
In Response to: each pc logins with the same ID, all pc's will have the same data (Ryan)

> > Question for everybody: do any of these cloud backup services
> allow you to send them the initial upload via hard drive, etc?
> do you mean you can send your HDD hardware to the company? i think any
> cloud can read your HDD's that you select from their websites or their
> sync software.

Crashplan offers the possibility to "seed" your backup with HDD the first time as these backup can be huge (mine is 4Tb).

> with MegaSync, suppose you have 3 computers with 6mb megasync software
> installed in each pc, each pc logins with the same ID say
> "aaa@email.com".
> then all 3 pc's will have the same files and directories when done. if
> 1 pc changes something, the other 2 pc's change to be as 1 pc. if 3
> pc's change files all at the same time, megasync figure them out by
> making "rubbish" named directoies, but the final result will be the
> same for all 3 pc's.

That's obviously what the "sync" is all about!
Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive works just the same.

Note that there is a non-cloud solution to sync computers and smartphones called Resilio (formely Bitorrent Sync). It works directly between computer with P2P without having to pass through a cloud. This not only insure privacy, but it is unlimited and much faster.

Laurent Duchastel

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