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Crashplan for real backup   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Aug 04,2017 at 14:05
In Response to: Crashplan for real backup (Doug Borg)

> > Use Crashplan for data files, not system files. It's not partition
> > imaging. It's data backup.
> Thank you; that answers the big question I had which I could not get
> answered straightforwardly from the Crashplan website.
> Although it's not partition imaging, I must say I am still interested
> in the application. Thanks for bringing it up to everyone's attention.

There is a number of partition imaging solutions out there.

I quite like BootIt® Bare Metal (BIBM for shot) which a partition manipulation, partition imaging, and a boot manipulation software all-in-one that is very very small. It goes well along the philosophy of ZTree IMHO.

Unfortunately, my specially-crafted Surface Pro's UEFI BIOS doesn't have Legacy mode option, so BIBM is incompatible with that specific computer which is my main computer. Bummer Microsoft.

But I use the software regularly with all other machines, either for forensic, backup or testing purposes.

Typically, I can do any test I want, install software, etc. then roll-back in few minutes to previous state.

Once the image is done, you can save it to any cloud for an out-of-location backup.
BTW, partition images can be differential, so you can snapshot many times your partitions at different state of configuration without having huge image files each time.

Laurent Duchastel

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