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just trying to really learn win81 win10 10 days ago   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 04,2017 at 22:18
In Response to: [OT] upgrading to XP, update win10 creator is not win10 in my eyes (Laurent Duchastel)

>You seems very knowledgeable with computers.
not really, probably not even close, maybe hardware-wise a little, because i am a physicist.

>- http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Sign...dates/Windows-XP-SP4-Unofficial.shtml
ok i will try this, my XP can go and try anything, i have its drive backup. restore pts has never been used in my xp.

>Update much faster on any OS (if you are sure what you do):
>- Disable System Restore and delete any restore points before and after update.
i am not sure about this, when i dont have a drive backup of win81 and win10.
come to think about it. if it hasnt been for the restore pts for win81 and win10, those win81 and win10 wouldnt have been still working as they are now. i got my Dell PC fixed 10 days ago after 2 long years. sometimes update failed, then i restored the pts to see how effective resstore was then i reinstalled it just for the heck of it, because this is an initail stage of inistalling the OS, it is ok with me,

or sometimes OS updated things so fast even before i got to disable the update.
then it asked me "do you want to install it now" i said no, then i dont know how to remove those hidden and downloaded ones, they stay somewhere in my OS permanently, so i use the restore pts or reinstall the OS again. now i got to the point i couldnt reinstall the OS. in win81 and win10, they dont show the NET frames in the uninstall section unlike xp, i didnt know about this, so i had to use the restore pts to investigate and see if updates were done correctly.

for win10, win10's final update win10 creator, this thing removed the previous restore pts, when win10 creator was impossible to cope with, and extremely unstable, i couldnt find the resotre pts and i felt really bad. and i think i have 1 or 2 failed updates by itself before win10 creator, i didnt know what to do with the failed updated OS, so i used the restore, and tried again successfully.

>- Type Cleanmgr
i found this one interesting, it takes ~4 hours to update but ~6 hours to finish clea nning

>- Use Classic shell
i have no idea what this is, there are no options for this one otherwise i would have used it 4 years ago. but people seemed to make some kind of "mod" ware about this. is this the mod ware?

win81 and win10, i never had a heart for these 2 OS's last 4 years, so i never bothered to REALLY tweak them for a better use, i simply used the settings that they came with mostly, and i didnt install any softwares in there. but i am trying to learn these 2 OS's now. i have been tweaking for last 10 days, and i got my quick lauch back from a website

examples like this
%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

i feel really good, it feels like an achievement

i cant figure out these OS's jigsaw puzzle kind of property setups, i kept forgetting where those enable disable icons were found.
so i do this like below now with command lines.

i may ask people about how to get to things in command line ways some other time.

desktop - appearance change.bat
desktop - background color change.bat
desktop - desktop main icons.bat
desktop - taskbar color change.bat
desktop - theme change.bat
etc - control panel.bat
etc - disk cleanup.bat
etc - disk management - partitions.bat
etc - internet property.bat
etc - msconfig.bat
etc - network setup type 2.bat
etc - remote access to your desktop.bat
etc - restore point.bat
etc - system info.bat
etc - system property and basic info.bat
etc - taskbar property.bat
etc - uninstall programs.bat
hardware - hardware device manager.bat
hardware - keyboard.bat
hardware - mouse.bat
hardware - printer.bat
hardware - scanners and cameras.bat
hardware - speaker.bat
setting - cleartype.bat
setting - color management.bat
setting - default program change.bat
setting - display resolution change.bat
setting - folder option.bat
setting - font size.bat
setting - power option.bat
setting - regional language.bat
setting - system icon-----ddddddd--.bat
setting - system icon-----ddddddddddddd--.bat
setting - time and date.bat
setting - UAC on or off.bat
setting - update detect (no for win81).bat
setting - visual effect setting.bat
setting - volume.bat

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