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Unofficial Service Pack 4 for XP... not a good idea after i checked it   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 05,2017 at 01:48
In Response to: [OT] upgrading to XP, update win10 creator is not win10 in my eyes (Laurent Duchastel)

> Updating XP much faster with Unofficial Service Pack 4
> http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Sign...dates/Windows-XP-SP4-Unofficial.shtml

AA=Unofficial Service Pack 4 for XP (1GB)
BB=the year that SP3 came out (0.4GB)
CC=from XP SP3 to 20xx year that ended the XP service (4GB)
DD=from 20xx that ended the XP service to 2017 (?)

my XP is BB= + visual c++ 2012 + NET frame 4.0 ( things that new games installed automatically in my XP )

when i checked windows XP update, CC= had 4 gb loads of patches.

so where does AA= belong? 1st i figured DD=, new things that XP couldnt get, so people tried to mod XP things unofficially to get the new things.
but in my eyes, AA= seemed to belong to only few things in CC= here and there.

somehow even if you installed the AA= successfully, you would still get 2.5GB loads of patches from the MS's website, of course 2.5GB was my pure guess.

therefore one might as well download patches from MS directly

AA= could finish the installation in 20 minutes while CC= could take 18 hours
but AA= will fail to install with the XP that has been used around. it failed totally in my XP, when i checked the AA= installation in youtube, all was done in fresh installed XP + SP1

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