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space padding makes me identify fast, by comparing with neighbor names.   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 08,2017 at 06:38
In Response to: [OT] do they keep spaces as a file name in cloud HDD's? (Peter Shute)

>I'm curious to know why you've got multiple spaces in some of your filenames

gladly, i do not just write the names as to whatever the filenames mostly meant to the content of the files.

i kind of use the filenames as a databse so to speak, if it were a basic compiler, the analogy would be the record (rank vector) and field (column vector), just looking at the words written at the same column positions of filenames will give me the information of the files very fast by comparing with the neighbor filenames. so spaces are really essential. i can do the same padding with the _ or -, but it takes more work, and not quite manageable, and the readability is not good either.

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