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mind and philosophy   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 08,2017 at 19:52
In Response to: space padding makes me identify fast, by comparing with neighbor names. (Peter Shute)

>Do you mean you're using them to keep "fields" of information in lots of filenames aligned?
exactly, files were the similar types or categories, so i line them up in the same fields with the information that makes the difference. my eyes could trace those fields so fast that i could usually find what i wanted like in "less than a second".

but if they are not in the same fields or if they are in the different positions of the file names, i have to proofread and i can not use my peripheral vision to trace them to know my filename surroundings. so it takes a lot of energy and time.

>If Megasync drops them, perhaps it would be worth changing them to dashes or something.
yes now i had to try with _ at the moment, but this thing gets me.

why do machines train me and tame me with their numerical minds? humans do well with analytical minds, we do make mistakes, but under some estabished regions, we can do even faster than machines, like as a math equation example, a computer solves only numerically really fast, but we, humans move terms around, see patterens in math eq until we can come up with the analytical answer and even faster, humans can not do number crunching.

i hate it when a machine tames me.... heehee

so if people develop computers to help us, padding names with spaces would be a good reason to do.

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