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[ZEP] ZLog behaviour options   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Aug 12,2017 at 10:33

I'm using ZLog a files lately and had some ideas that I would find useful. Hence...

(1) I'd like the option to have Alt-Q save a ZLog file (name as specified per /ZV command line switch or Temp if not). That way you can avoid accidents of forgetting to use Alt-Z or just have a quick way to exit with a saved filelist.

(2) I'd (really) like the option to save a ZLog file when ZTree is shut down from an external source, for example a Windows reboot. Name as above.

(3) If you start ZTree with a /ZV file I'd at least like the option for that to be the default name in "Alt-Z, Q". I do understand it's (probably) in the history list for the command but it is getting a bit long-winded by then, plus assumes you remember the correct name.

Plus finally note the following already exist and I'm mentioning so people reading the above understand what is available already...

(4 - Not a ZEP) I'd like the option not to automatically delete the ZLog file when ZTree is started, so you could start a second instance and get the filelist too (you can copy it and replace it, but of course not with ZTree). I note this is already implemented as by using /ZV with a filename other than TEMP.ZLOG the file won't get deleted.

(5 - Not a ZEP) I'd like a command line parameter to ignore a TEMP.ZLOG file (but not delete it) in case you just want a quick ZTree instance. I note this is already implemented by using /ZV with a non-existent filename, e.g. /ZVDUMMY

BTW I used to have a /K: file to run around, log directories and organise them with F5/F6 but it's a pain to keep up to date as directories come/go and just takes too long to run.

That seems like a lot of stuff. Summary of my request:

* Option to have Alt-Q save filelist, using /ZP name or if non-existent TEMP.ZLOG if that doesn't already exist (if it does do nothing).

* Option to have externally-generated Quit save filelist, using /ZP name or if non-existent TEMP.ZLOG if that doesn't already exist (if it does do nothing). If the /ZP file is opened for write access by another program do nothing (may be another ZTree instance writing it already).

* If you have a /ZP file specified then use that as the default in Alt-Z Q.

P.S. BTW that took a long time to write as I kept seeing strange things happen and had to investigate them. It took me a while to realise I needed to have /ZV"C:\ZTW\FILELIST.ZLOG" with no :, @ or space after the V as the help wasn't helpful there. Also it didn't default (I think) to look in the ZTW directory for ZLOG files so I needed the path (possibly a factor - I have the program starting with C:\ as the working directory). I also got TEMP.ZLOG files deleted when the program started, but I think that was /ZP errors.

P.P.S. You should have seen my face when I hit Submit and found I'd been logged off, entered the logon details and found the message hadn't been posted...

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