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Forum sorting order - "By Response".   [Bug]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Aug 13,2017 at 19:24
In Response to: Bug Reporting Tips (John Gruener)

> A quick way to find the latest Zeta is to use the "all categories"
> pull down in the upper right of the forum page and choose "Zeta". If
> there is no red dot to the right of the initial posting then the thread
> is not yet locked.

Thanks, I never noticed that filter before.

The problem with posting bugs under the old Zeta posting is that no one else is likely to see it other than Kim. It's good to have more people reading them so they can try to reproduce the bug.

I've just realised the forum can sort by date of the last reply. Should be the default, in my opinion. I wonder how many other people are unaware of this option.

Thread locked

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