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[Wish] more #ZTTools paths possible? ...battle with default programs   [Wish]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 17,2017 at 08:37

current way : #ZTTools path: %#ZTHome%\Tools

is possible to make more paths than 1 path?

"%#ZTHome%\Tools1", "%#ZTHome%\Tools2"


%#ZTHome%\Tools1, D:\ccc\tools2, e:\ggg\tools3

it would be great if i am able to seperate my future

400 more bats

because i am not going to manually set up what my default programs are in win81 and win10.

default programs thing
* has mind its own
* changes my default on its whim
* 15% done so far, my arms are tired.
* every OS testing install, every new install, every reset....i ain't gonna do it nomore.

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