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[OT] That's a Deal Breaker!   [OT]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Aug 22,2017 at 06:35
In Response to: [OT] do they keep spaces as a file name in cloud HDD's? (Ryan)

> is this a general behavior of cloud web HDD's?
> do they keep spaces as a file name?
> because MegaSync doesnt keep my 2 spaces, 3 spaces ... in a file name,
> it automatically reduces to 1 space, causing a big trouble. when i upload
> 2 spaced filenames, it downloads them back at me with 1 spaced filenames
> at the same time.

A first and primary function of backup is to permit the exact restoration of a previous state. This is not possible if file names are not exactly preserved. If MegaSynch fails that test then it is worthless as a backup resource.

Using spaces to delineate info or even as meta info itself predates filenames and computers by centuries. Outlines are a prime example. Even simple indenting of paragraphs is another. File managers and programming editors use fixed width fonts in order to facilitate the use of spaces to visually enhance perception of the info displayed. Lining up variables or syntactical elements helps highlight errors. Indenting code blocks helps to self document program structure.

Similarly with file names. I do it all the time - similar or related content get similar file names. The initial parts are identical in order to group them together in a file listing and only the trailing parts are different. I also prepend or insert special characters to force a filename to the top or bottom of the directory or group such as $ or ! for top and ~ or _ for end.

If my filenames were not exactly maintained while using the full set of valid filename characters I would be extremely upset. Any vendor that would make such a glaring basic mistake is not to be trusted with one's critical data.

Namaste', Art

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