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a few tricks up in my sleeves   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 22,2017 at 08:24
In Response to: [OT] That's a Deal Breaker! (Art Kocsis)

>primary function of backup is to permit the exact restoration of a previous state.
my thoughts are exactly...

>Using spaces to delineate info or even as meta info ...
>..in order to facilitate the use of spaces to visually enhance perception of the info displayed...
my thoughts are exactly...

>a filename to the top or bottom of the directory or group such as $ or ! for top and ~ or _ for end.

i do the same, but batch commands remove "!" in filenames, and you need to spend your life to learn how to escape them with carets ^. and it is not going well for me.

>If MegaSynch fails that test then it is worthless as a backup resource.
yes, but i have a few tricks up in my sleeves.

uploading 90,000 files (30Gbytes in total) through an internet could take 2~5 days while HDD to HDD can do it in 10 min or so.
so.. whether or not megasync fails to preserve the spaces, internet is too slow to upload many files.

so i am thinking about doing this, "forget synchronizing file by file"

but do "uploading zip files", like below... maybe daily

abc01 (w20161021-18-02-00).zip
abc03 (w20131125-10-30-00).zip
abc07 (w20170818-15-40-00).zip
abc02 (w20090227-09-44-00).zip
abc04 (w20170623-23-42-00).zip
abc05 (w20131125-10-30-00).zip
abc06 (w20170818-18-02-00).zip
abc08 (w20170818-18-28-00).zip
abc09 (w20170602-15-28-00).zip
abc10 (w20170602-15-28-00).zip

zipped file format preserves spaces and all. it can be done fast, 30G bytes can be
done in a couple of hours and not 2~5 days. i will certainly do small zip file synching (with 0% compression rate)

- good things about megasync -

* free 50Gbytes are so good, if you are in a coma for 10years, they "might" still hold you datas.

* it is so easy to open an account, unlike certain other cloud providers that require your credit cards and celluar phone numbers for 2gb or 5 gb.. etc... google used to remove accounts that dont sign in for 3 months... now maybe they might lock your accounts (but i dont know)

* upload rate is on ave 1mb, but now it can go to 4~5 mb on its whim but rarely
you may not like their synching speeds, because sometimes it is too slow (around 4kb)

* download rate is your IP provider's speed, 10mb is possible... much faster.

* they do email supports for free account users fairly well.
a synch issue with XP is in discussion, and space preserving issue will be next

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