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i was having a little bit of fun learning console commands,put them in ztreemenu   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Aug 24,2017 at 05:27
In Response to: VisualBasic would offer IsNumeric() (Hartmut Schneider)

> Can you assume that the number never equals to 0, That would be the simplest >approach.

not quite so, i am afraid.

i tried to generate the error to seperate the number strings from the letter strings

i think "9169" was used in DOS or DOS based compilers, instead of the thing that compilers came up with its own error systems, they'd probably borrow some from OS interrupts to save RAM's.

too bad if it is maybe not possible... i would ask this in some websites someday.

besides i think the seperation of number strings and letter strings should be the fundamental property, even in the batch script interpreters.

the console commands (or scripts or a interpreter) are so hard to learn, they try to squeeze everything in 1 line, and some obvious logics dont seem to apply either.

apart from it, i was having a little bit of fun learning console commands here and there and put them in the zteeemenu instead of putting old school true basic compiler created ABC.EXE in there to do things.

>Visual Basic
about 17 years ago, i made a ztreemenu's ZAM file converter, that is ZAM2TXT.exe and TXT2ZAM.exe with a true basic, this was the most useful thing that i did for a ztree for my personal use. i do numerical things, i write math programs. but it was also a bit of fun writing codes for system things, although i am not good at it

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