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+100% to +750% price increase   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Aug 27,2017 at 23:59
In Response to: [OT] CrashPlan Abandoning Home Users (Peter Shute)

> > CrashPlan just announced that effective today, Aug 22, 2017, they
> > are abandoning Home Users. While they will honor current contracts
> until
> > expiration, no new contracts or contract extensions will be offered.
> > https://www.crashplan.com/en-us/consumer/nextsteps/
> What was the difference between home and business plans? Cost? I assume
> they're happy to let home users switch to a business plan? How much more
> expensive?
> I assume it wasn't making money for them.
> I wonder what they'll do to ensure no one is relying on a backup that
> n longer exists.

Actually, home account is 60$/year single computer and Family account 160$ for ten computers. These type of accounts will cease to exist at end of current user subscription (anywhere between right now and almost one year from now).

Replacement business account (which already exists) is 10$/month single computer = 120$/year.
In short, a 100% increase for those who switch home->business.

For me who has 10 computers on a family account, that would mean however 120$ x 10 = 1200$ instead of 160$, therefore a +750% increase !

Moreover, business account CAN'T backup peer-to-peer on other friendly computers or NAS (which I do).

Crashplan offers a discount on their business plan the first year for those who want to switch home to business by the end of their subscription. Existing backups will migrate automatically. In my case, if I decide to go, that will be next April, but I have one customer who must decide by the end of October since her subscription ends at that time. If she doesn't switch to a business plan, then her existing backup will be deleted after some time.

Competition will surely offer interesting solutions in coming months. What has to be seen is if these other solutions will backup as much efficiently and exhaustively than Crashplan does.

Also, will the latest Crashplan program be functional after the end of home/family account ? Will it still be possible to backup peer-to-peer (I don't think so).

Laurent Duchastel

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