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[OT] CrashPlan Abandoning Home Users   [OT]

By: Andreas Boehlk     Celle, Germany  
Date: Aug 28,2017 at 05:01
In Response to: [OT] CrashPlan Abandoning Home Users (Art Kocsis)

Let me make some remarks to that problem.
You are wasting time and money dealing with software/solutions like CrashPlan that pretend to be a backup solution, because obviously it is not, otherwise we would not have this thread.
What do we expect from a backup solution??? The most/only important feature is the recovery of the data under any circumstances and without restriction. Time might be interesting for companies, so via Internet is probably acceptable.
The second important feature is the safe storage of the data.
The last point is the usability: easy creation of backup plans, possibility of bare metal full recovery etc.
The costs can be minimised by comparing the possible solutions.
- No backup into the public cloud: Recovery is not guaranteed. No service provider guarantees for your data! It is nearly impossible to prove the integrity and completeness of data. In the worst case the provider goes bankrupt, leading to loss of all data.
- No portability: transferring data to a different provider or onto a local storage is rarely provided.
- The data on the provider's storage is hardly protected against unauthorised access; only if you encrypt them before backup, but that would exclude a bare metal recovery. Encryption done by the provider is joke, especially if done by proprietary software.
- If the payment is on annual basis you might run into the trap that the access to the data will be prohibited even if you have them on premise.
- The backup software is mostly proprietary and in case of change of your OS there may emerge trouble if the provider's back-end does not support it.

That all implicates that you keep your backup in your hands physically, use Open Source Software or at least a software you only buy once or that guarantees recovery even without valid licence.

BTW I know what I am talking about, I am in that business and have clients that have paid the price (loss of data and/or enormous costs).


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