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Backing up file information   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Aug 28,2017 at 18:51
In Response to: [OT] Mostly agree. Yet... (Peter Shute)

> Would it be possible to back up the work you've put into curation
> only? Eg. a script that saves all the information about the files,
> including internal fields and tags, etc, to a file, which you could then
> back up.

I wonder if it would be a useful thing, for those who can't afford to back up everything, to at least back up all file information. It could be a useful thing to at least be certain of what you've lost.

At work we do daily backups, only retained for a few weeks. After that, we only have a monthly backup, retained for several years. Many times I've had users requesting a file be restored, but they don't know where it was, what it was called, or when it existed.

Sometimes, when we finally locate it on a tape, we find that it hadn't been deleted at all, just moved. We could easily keep a daily directory listing of all files on the server. Such files aren't that big, and are very compressible.

An extension of this idea would be to backup parts of files. Eg. photos and videos could have low resolution versions backed up. Word documents could have text only versions backed up.

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