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Understanding multiple percent signs   [Q]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Aug 30,2017 at 08:46
In Response to: adding 1 more %, doubling it, still dont work, so i was wondering if it was bug (Ryan)

Here is a brief explanation of why percent signs need to be doubled and also how many you need.

All DOS and Windows commandline batch processors, including ZTree's F9 menu interpret a single % as indicating that the enclosed text is the name or number of a variable or parameter (eg %myvariable% or %1). If you really want a percent sign you must 'escape' it by writing %%.

Why would you ever need to have %%? Well you might want to print something like
"Today's weather is 90% humidity". For that you need to write:
echo Today's weather is 90%% humidity

More common is when one batch file A writes another B. Each time that happens single % are interpreted as above and %% are replaced by %. So if you want B to call a variable %myvariable%, you must write %%myvariable%% in A. If you only write %myvariable% B will have whatever the value of myvariable is at the time of writing.

If you have A writing B which writes C then this happens twice so if you want C to contain %myvariable%, B must contain %%myvariable%% and A must contain %%%%myvariable%%%%.

ZTree's F9 Menu always writes a temporary batch file which is the called. So must normally double the number of percent signs you would need in a batch file.

Odd numbers of % signs are tricky.
If myvariable is set to xxx, and A writes B, then %%%myvariable%%% in A will produce %xxx% in B. If you understand why that is, you understand percent signs.


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