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Sorry, the forum processing has collapsed all the spaces !   [Q]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Aug 31,2017 at 10:08
In Response to: Sorry, the forum processing has collapsed all the spaces ! (Nick Williams)

> > I use < pre style="line-height:50%;" > before and < /pre_ >
> after the code.
> Ah, thanks very much Hartmut -- I understand the underlying problem
> now.
> I had used < pre > and all looked OK when I clicked "Preview" (apart
> from the double line spacing !), but when I clicked "OK - Submit", I
> think < pre > was replaced with < tt >. Hence your use of < /pre_ >.
> I guess "Preview" can't be entirely relied upon. :-(
> In my code, I had a line which read:-
> SET /P "=Test number %~1: " 0< NUL
> but without the space before the NUL.
> This is what happens to it, even with < pre style="line-height:50%;"
> >...< /pre_ >
> SET /P "=Test number %~1: "0
> I'm not sure how to get around this in future, apart from modifying
> the source code.
Not sure why you're having a problem as my posts come out fine without any
corruption of spaces or other chars. However, if your actual posts included
the extra spaces in the <pre> or </pre> tags or the trailing
underscore in the closing <pre> tag as above that would explain it.
This forum software is more strict than typical browsers.

I use:

<pre style="line-height: 50%;"> ... </pre >
<pre... must begin on a new line
</pre > must include a space before the trailing ">"

I also place the ending "</pre >" on a new line.

I am also wrapping this entire post with these tags to preserve your
post's formatting. In addition, because the above are HTML tags, I had to
post the LT and GT chars as &LT and &GT encodings which I did not
have to do when posting batch code nor with your tags with the extra spaces.

BTW, in case you didn't notice, unlike many forums, on this one you can delete your post, edit and resubmit it. So you can experiment with your formatting. View your submnitted post to see the delete button.

Namaste', Art

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