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[OT] Lost CrashPlan Post   [OT]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Aug 31,2017 at 20:26
In Response to: [OT] CrashPlan Abandoning Home Users (Peter Shute)

> > To prevent loss, it is good practice to compose these posts in a
> > separate editor and then pate them into the ZTree Forum message box.
> > However... YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER TO POST THEM, DUMMY!!! Duh!!! This
> > was supposed to have been posted nine days ago!
> Not sure what's going on here. I have already ready the message you
> just posted. I even still have it in the email notification I received on
> Monday. But I can only see the today's version of it on the forum.

Strange. I wanted to look up what I thought I had originally posted but couldn't find it on the forum either. I found it in my off-forum editor (which at least confirmed I wasn't totally crazy - yet!), but, since it wasn't on the forum, I assumed I had just forgotten to post it. Very strange! Are the gods agin me?

What happens when you enter the URL from the email of the original post? 404 Not Found?

Namaste', Art

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