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NOT calling Michael Kahn ...   [ZEP]

By: Christopher       
Date: Sep 01,2017 at 11:27
In Response to: NOT calling Michael Kahn ... (Hartmut Schneider)

In general, agreed. And I, too, as a long time lurker, could do without some of that commotion.


This forum was a much more boisterous and rambunctious place back then, ten years on, than it is now. Either passions have cooled in general, or forum participants have redirected them to other venues, or both.

ZTree Win was at that time a product still very much under feature development, being sorted out amidst the occasional hubbub. Now it's a mature product, one with a user base which almost certainly skews "a bit up in years", if the occasional vignettes reported here of the younger set's aversion to console apps are any indication.

So perhaps the Forum wound-ups have wound down, and the hipsters have wound elsewhere. It's now more a scene for aficionados, not only for ZTree but for batch file architecture, backup protocols, and so on.

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