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[Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal?   [Q]

By: Nick Williams     West Sussex, England (forum time +5 hrs)  
Date: Sep 05,2017 at 06:38
In Response to: [Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal? (Ryan)

> AA=
> what is the nature of :EOF? compared to when a script run meets the end
> of lines.
> the window created by REM #ZTSTART "" in AA= doesnt get closed, when
> GOTO :EOF is carried out. i had to remove :EOF's and replace in all my
> ztreemenu.

Hi Ryan,

Some notes that might help you:-

(1) I've never used #ZTSTART, but I believe it passes on parameters and invokes the Cmd Prompt START command. The START command I have used extensively. It launches an asynchronous process which is then independent of the parent process. At a Cmd Prompt, type START /? for more details.

(2) GOTO :EOF causes execution to jump to the logical "End-Of-File". This isn't always the same as the physical "End-Of-File" (depending on whether CALL was used to invoke code execution), but in your example above, the logical EOF is the same as the physical EOF.

(3) In AA=, you have GOTO :EOF on the 3rd line. These means that the following commands, PAUSE and REM #ZTEXIT never get executed. (I think you are using REM #ZTEXIT to EXIT out of whole script, yes ?)

(4) Tip: Use EXIT /B n instead of GOTO :EOF. They do the same job, but with EXIT /B n you can specify an ERRORLEVEL to return to the calling process, e.g. EXIT /B 1 will return ERRORLEVEL 1.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards

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