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[Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal?   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Sep 05,2017 at 11:20
In Response to: [Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal? (Nick Williams)

>#ZTSTART and start.exe
is there a way to make it run silently? because a console window appears and disappers really fast so it is terrible to my eyes. and Start /B option doesnt work, but it says in /? that it starts application without creating a new window.
but it always creates one and make it go away fast and crashes ztree if dir *.* kind of commands are attached to it, i learned about #ZTSTART several weeks ago, it can let you rename directories from ztreemenu which was impossible from the ways i know. and i was hoping #ZTSTART to replace too many window's start "" everywhere in a script to reduce typing, and if #ZTSTART ever runs faster than start.exe then and if it doesnt stay, i will use #ZTSTART always. but it seems to run a little bit slower. whether i like it or not, i will give it a try


this one actually nothing to do with #ZTSTART, it just makes you go back to the DW or FW instead of ztreemenu, it is good for adding files through ztreemenu or stamping things in a fast pace, because it saves a key stoke.

most of rem #ZT directives always run 1st before a batch, so where you put them doesnt really matter

>Use EXIT /B n instead of GOTO :EOF
ok i will try that.

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